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Bayview Marine / Outdoor Cover Fabric
Azzuro Leather Collection
Code: AL(col.) avg. 4 sqm
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RS24 Stainless Steel Press Stud

Code: RS24CSS Cap
Code: RS24EASSS Socket
Code: RS24PSS Post
Code: RS24SSS Stud
ST3 Plastic Press Studs

Code: ST3HLW Head long white
Code: ST3HMND Head medium natural
Code: ST3HMW Head medium white
Code: ST3S Socket natural
Code: ST3STUDS Stud natural
ST5 Plastic Press Studs

Code: ST5HLW Head long white
Code: ST5HMND Head medium natural
Code: ST5HMW Head medium white
Code: ST5S Socket natural
Code: ST5STUDS Stud natural
ST8 Plastic Press Studs

Code: ST8HMND Head medium natural
Code: ST8HMW Head medium white
Code: ST8S Socket natural
Code: ST8STUDS Stud natural
Durable Dot Snap Fastener Caps

Code: G128 Nickel Cap
Code: GS128 Stainless Steel Cap
Durable Dot Snap Fastener Sockets

Code: G224 Nickel Coated Socket
Code: GS224 Stainless Steel Socket
Durable Dot Snap Fastener Studs

Code: G3933 3/8"
Code: G3935 5/8"
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items
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