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HM308 Medium Eyelet Machine
Code: HM308BNMSP4 setup for SP4
HM308 Heavy Duty Eyelet Machine
Code: HM308BNHSP4 setup for SP4
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Spur Tooth Washers for SP Eyelets

Code: SP3WSB Brass
Code: SP9WSB Brass
Code: SP7WSN Nickel
Code: SP7WSB Brass
Code: SP6WSN Nickel
Code: SP6WSB Brass
Code: SP4WSN Nickel
Code: SP4WSB Brass
Code: SP3WSN Nickel
Code: SP9WSN Nickel
Flat Washer for SP Eyelets

Code: SP00WB Brass
Code: SP9WB Brass
Code: SP7WN Nickel
Code: SP7WB Brass
Code: SP6WN Nickel
Code: SP6WB Brass
Code: SP4WN Nickel
Code: SP4WB Brass
Code: SP3WN Nickel
Code: SP3WB Brass
Code: SP1WN Nickel
Code: SP1WB Brass
Code: SP0WN Nickel
Code: SP0WB Brass
Code: SP00WN Nickel
Code: SP9WN Nickel
SP9 Brass Eyelet
internal diameter: 15.8 mm external diameter: 31.6 mm

Code: SP9EB Brass
Code: SP9EN Nickel
Code: SP9EBLK Black
SP7 Brass Eyelet
internal diameter: 12.6 mm external diameter: 26.3 mm

Code: SP7EB Brass
Code: SP7EN Nickel
Code: SP7EBLK Black
SP6 Brass Eyelet
internal diameter: 10.8 mm external diameter: 21.7 mm

Code: SP6EB Brass
Code: SP6EBLK Black
Code: SP6EN Nickel
SP4 Brass Eyelet
internal diameter: 9.6 mm external diameter: 20.7 mm

Code: SP4EB Brass
Code: SP4EBLK Black
Code: SP4EN Nickel
SP3 Brass Eyelet
internal diameter: 8 mm external diameter: 19 mm

Code: SP3EB Brass
Code: SP3EBLK Black
Code: SP3EN Nickel
SP1 Brass Eyelet
(NOT STOCKED IN NZ) internal diameter: 6.7 mm external diameter: 12.7 mm

Code: SP1EB Brass
Code: SP1EFB Florentine bronze
Code: SP1EN Nickel
Code: SP1EBLK Black
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